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Chiropractic Care from Your Trusted Birmingham ChiropractorsBirmingham chiropractor at Gremmels Chiropractic Center Inc. provide back pain relief, neck pain relief, headache/migraine relief through chiropractic care

As your go-to Birmingham chiropractors, the professionals at Gremmels Chiropractic Center Inc. are here to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Through the use of proven chiropractic methods and techniques, we can help you find relief from ongoing symptoms like back pain, neck pain, headaches/migraines, and more. We even offer same-day appointments and convenient office hours, including hours on Saturdays to suit your busy schedule.

What is Birmingham Chiropractic Care Like?

Chiropractic care focuses on improving and optimizing the health of the spine to yield overall wellness benefits throughout the body. Because the spine is inextricably linked to other aspects of the body, including the neurological system and central nervous system, skilled chiropractic care can be used to promote healing and improve your overall health.

One of the main benefits of chiropractic care is that it is natural, non-invasive, and does not employ the use of medications. As a result, you don't have to worry about the risks, complications, and potential side effects that come along with prescription drugs and more invasive treatments. 

Common Conditions and Injuries Birmingham Chiropractors Treat

There are numerous injuries and medical conditions that can be effectively treated with chiropractic care. The most common reason people come into our office is that they've been experiencing ongoing neck or back pain,which is often caused by a misalignment within the spinal column. When this occurs, the fluid-filled discs in between the vertebrae can become herniated (causing more pain), and excessive pressure can be placed on the sciatic nerve.

One of the most common spinal injuries we treat here in our office is that of whiplash, which most often occurs as a result of an auto accident. Whiplash occurs when the head and spine are abruptly jerked back and forth, usually when a moving vehicle comes to a sudden stop upon impact. When this happens, the ligaments and muscles around the spine can become torn and damaged, and the discs can become forced out of place, thus causing back/neck pain and stiffness. In severe cases, whiplash can also result in numbness/tingling and headaches or migraines.

Other common conditions that may be effectively treated with chiropractic care include (but are not limited to):

Common Chiropractic Treatments

We have the skills and resources to provide a number of chiropractic treatments right here in our office. We recommend coming in for an initial exam and consultation so we can determine the best course of treatment for you and your specific symptoms. Below is a sampling of the chiropractic treatments we can provide:

  • spinal decompression - this technique involves the careful manipulation of the spine to gently stretch it out, which relieves pressure and tension on the discs in addition to alleviating sciatic nerve pain.
  • spinal adjustment - this method focuses on improving the alignment of the spine in order to improve the body's overall function, promote the natural healing process, and provide relief from back pain, neck pain, and other symptoms.
  • cox flexion - a chiropractic treatment protocol that works to distance the vertebrae and widen the spinal canal; the purpose of this treatment is to relieve pain and treat herniated discs.
  • diversified technique - utilizes manual adjustment to correct spinal biomechanics, improve posture, and help to relieve pain without the need for medication or invasive methods.
  • myofascial release - a healing technique that focuses on relieving tension through various trigger points throughout the body using sustained and gentle pressure.

Request a Birmingham Chiropractic Care Appointment

Now that you have a better idea of what Birmingham chiropractic care can do for you, maybe it's time to schedule an appointment. You can reach Gremmels Chiropractic Center Inc. to request your appointment at (205) 854-3008. And with convenient office hours (including Saturdays), we'll work to find a slot that fits your busy schedule.