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Posted on 08-04-2017

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Without the Surgery From Our Birmingham Chiropractor

When you think of disabling ailments of the arms and hands, carpal tunnel syndrome probably springs to the top of your mental list-- especially if you're currently struggling with it yourself. This painful impingement of the nerve that controls most of your fingers can affect your hand, wrist and forearm to the extent that you no longer play or sort or do your job. It's a serious impediment that often sends patients seeking serious answers, including invasive surgical procedures. But if you want to get serious about your case of carpal tunnel syndrome without submitting to that kind of solution, you'll be glad to know that Gremmels Chiropractic Center Inc. can relieve your discomfort and restore function through natural, non-surgical carpal tunnel treatment.

carpal tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome's Causes and Symptoms

If you're not even sure what a carpal tunnel is, think of it as a conduit or passageway that runs through the center of your wrist. This open space is defined by surrounding bones and a ligament called the transverse carpal ligament. But this space isn't empty; inside, you'll find the median nerve, the nerve that branches out into the smaller nerves of the first three fingers and the thumb. (The pinky finger is controlled by a different nerve.) The trouble occurs when inflammation causes the tissues of the carpal tunnel to become swollen, pinching the median nerve. This impingement sends pain signals through the forearm, wrist, and hand. you may also experience loss of sensation, tingling, or loss of motor control in the affected hand.

Why do people get carpal tunnel syndrome? Some are born with an abnormally small carpal tunnel, which predisposes them to the condition every time the tunnel becomes even slightly inflamed. But for most individuals, the underlying cause is overuse. If you write, use a keyboard, paint, play a musical instrument, or subject your writs to constant strain during athletic activities, repetitive motion can cause small injuries to the soft tissues that accumulate until they turn into chronic pain and inflammation.

Chiropractic Care and Other Treatments From Our Birmingham Chiropractor

Some people turn to surgery as a means of putting their carpal tunnel syndrome to an end. But open carpal tunnel surgery requires significant recovery time and may cause painful scar tissue to develop, while endoscopic surgery poses the risk of nerve damage. If you'd rather have a less extreme option, you've got it here at Gremmels Chiropractic Center Inc. Either Birmingham chiropractor on our team, Dr. Gremmels or Dr. Carroll, can examine your wrist, your symptoms, and even your spinal column to track down the source of your pain (which might actually be referred pain from a cervical misalignment). Once we understand the true nature of your problem, we can prescribe the most effective course of natural, non-surgical carpal tunnel treatment.

Depending on the underlying cause, there are a number of techniques we may employ to help take the squeeze off of your pinched median nerve. If the bones of the wrist are awkwardly positioned, we can make chiropractic adjustments to the wrist itself, freeing up more space within the carpal tunnel. Referred pain from a pinched nerve in the cervical spine can be relieved through spinal adjustments or spinal decompression. Swollen soft tissues can often be reduced through a combination of rest and therapeutic ultrasound, which enhances blood flow and speeds healing. Both ultrasound and the Graston Technique can help break up internal scar tissue (including scar tissue from previous carpal tunnel surgery) that might be interfering with nerve function.

Get Effective, Conservative Care for Your Hand and Wrist Pain

Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome should be your last resort. Your first step should be to call Gremmels Chiropractic Care Inc. at (205) 854-3008 for an evaluation. We can get your wrist operational again so you can skip the operating room!

Have you ever had to take time off of your job because of carpal tunnel syndrome? How long were you unable to work?

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