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Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

You wince, you cup your shoulder, you stretch your arm back and forth - but still, that soreness, pinching or dull pain just won't quit. Pain medication and rest isn't fixing anything, and you aren't sure where to turn to for relief. At Gremmels Chiropractic, we're happy to provide the solution to your shoulder pain, whether it stems from an old injury or a new complication. Not only can we assess and diagnose the cause of your shoulder discomfort, we can recommend and support a clear treatment program that will prevent you from further injuries or annoying, disruptive pain in your shoulder. There's no reason to "just deal with it" when you're facing problems in your shoulder or upper back. We're here to help with any kind of shoulder pain with chiropractic care in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Consider all the movements a shoulder needs to make in a given day. The shoulder is a complex structure of muscle and bone that, while resilient, can still experience misalignment or stress in the wrong conditions. The causes for shoulder pain can be anything from a recent car accident to a "subluxation", a problem that occurs when nerves slip between the vertebrae of the spine and become compressed, often due to problems with posture. Believe it or not, these problems can cause shoulder issues, even if they originate in the spine. Repetitive motion injuries, such as those incurred from long hours at an assembly job or at a computer, may also be to blame. 

Shoulder Pain in Sports

If you're a baseball fan, chances are you've heard of at least one pitcher suffering a "rotator cuff" injury during a busy season. The fast, jerky movements of the arm required to pitch a baseball, throw a football, or shoot a basketball can lead to compromised muscle tissue or tearing of important tendons in the shoulder.  If you play sports frequently, even on a casual team, regular chiropractic visits are a must to protect your body. Our dedicated Birmingham area chiropractic team is always happy to see you, whether it's your first season or your tenth - you're always treated like an MVP in our office.

How is Shoulder Pain Treated?

At Gremmels Chiropractic, we use many different shoulder pain treatment techniques to ensure the best results. During your first visit with us, we'll take x-rays and our chiropractor will perform a manual examination of your shoulder to determine the best path to recovery for your specific needs. Options include rehabilitative exercises to strengthen the body, spinal alignment adjustments or even nutritional and supplement counseling to support your body's immune system. Our caring Birmingham, AL chiropractic staff will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs  - all while restoring strength and comfort to your shoulder and back.

Ready to send your shoulder pain packing? Call our Birmingham AL area chiropractor's today!