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Gremmels Chiropractic Center offers Sports Injury Healing

When suffering from a sports injury, Gremmels Chiropractic Center helps to reduce your discomfort and promote healing. By using a combination of chiropractic techniques and ultrasound therapies, we can help you recover from injuries incurred while participating in sports. Sports injuries not only affect your play time, they also affect your work, life and sleep. When you are in pain, you may find your mental focus is weaker, your energy level is decreased and your irritability is up. Chronic pain can be frustrating, but you do not have to remain in discomfort. Our doctors at Gremmels Chiropractic Center offer relief for your sports injuries.

Sports Injuries in Birmingham

sports injuries in Birmingham You may have an active daily lifestyle in which you exercise or play sports. We encourage movements as a regular part of your day, but one wrong move or slip may lead to an injury. You may suffer from a strain in which you have pulled or torn a muscle and it has affected the tendon. The tendon attaches the muscle to the bone. A sprain is an injury to the ligaments which connect bone to bone. Both a strain and a sprain can be accompanied by swelling, inflammation, bruising or pain.

Small stress fractures are another common sports injury which can be the result of overuse. Or, you may be suffering from a concussion or other head injury which causes constant headaches. All of these sports injuries and more can be alleviated with consistent chiropractic treatment. Our chiropractors use current techniques to reduce the inflammation and help your body return to a healthy alignment.

Spine and Extremity Adjustments for Sports Injuries

Our chiropractors manually adjust your spine with gentle techniques. When your spine is in alignment, blood flows freely to carry nutrients to the injured areas. This helps to speed your recovery and reduce your discomfort. If your injury is near the spine, along your lower back or your neck, spinal manipulations help to return the bones to the proper places which reduces the uneven pull on the sore muscles. If you have received a blow to the back of the head playing sports such as football or soccer, we can re-align your vertebrae to reduce your headaches and improve your focus.

A sports injury on an extremity such as your hands, wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders or elbows can also be improved with our gentle, non-invasive techniques. Our chiropractors easily return your joints to the correct position to promote healing. For instance, if you have overused your shoulder through pitching a ball, we can help reduce the swelling and pain. Or, if you rolled your ankle while training for a 5K run, we can help reset the joint and eliminate the over-stretched and over-tightened muscles.

We hope to be your go-to chiropractor for sports injuries and aim to keep you injury-free. For more information about sports injury healing, call us today at (205) 854-3008!